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Partners Global Funding has established itself as the first consultant in Spain, offering to companies and institutions, the Advisory services and management in the pursuit of public and private funding, regional, State and European administrations to put at the service of enterprises to develop their projects.

What can we offer?

To become more competitive companies need to bet on R&D, and internationalization with significant opportunities for public funding.

Design the best strategy to ensure an optimal private financing of their projects.

Meeting point for projects of R&D for companies and scientists who can collaborate looking for technology offers.

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STRATEGY RIS3MUR Objective. The granting of state aid in competitive basis for the financing of the Strategic Projects covered by Specialization and Innovation Strategy for smart specialization in the Region of Murcia (Strategy RIS3Mur). Nature and types of Strategic Projects R & D. Nature. a) shall be considered those RIS3Mur Strategic Projects are presented by ...


Objective. Finance the first two years of the costs of hiring graduates Asturian, residing and working abroad are employed, in order to promote their return to Asturias to carry out R + D + i. Hiring staff must: be Spaniard, reside abroad, have a university degree and experience in R + D ...


Objective. Aims to finance medium and long term investment projects in the private and viable outside, undertaken by companies in the information technology and communications sector where there is interest Spanish. The FINTEC easily created with the aim of responding to the financing needs of these companies in an increasingly globalized economic ...